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​                                                                           Copyright©2016 CELEBS, PLLC, All Rights Reserved. Operated as CELEBS Agency.... a (team) division of RE/MAX INNER LOOP.

                                    Real Estate Agents affiliated with this team are independent contractors not employees and licensed either as Brokers or Sales Associates by Texas Real Estate Commission [TREC].   
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                                                          COMPANY  PRINCIPLES

            *    CELEBS®   believes in 100% disclosure—0 deception in our business relationships….

                  operating in excellence—walking in integrity.


            *   CELEBS®    values are its foundation where income is a measure of merit provided to the marketplace

                  as we sync together to perform extraordinary accomplishments for others and ourselves.

            *   CELEBS®  equips & encourages its MOVING STARS (e.g. Associates and Staff) to skillfully deliver

                 All-Star services  while sustaining a balanced lifestyle personally and professionally.


            *   CELEBS® offers a distinctive few like-minded real estate professionals expand their business yet still have time

                 for to enjoy life which is essential longevity in this time-consuming industry. Agents on our team are MOVING  


                who are self-starters & self-sufficient although intertwined with professional connectivity & support from ‘Cluster-

                 Companions’. Stars shine brightest because their concentration is on their areas of strength as they operate in the

                 genre they enjoy most. Linking up with a competent & supportive team, enhance careers and heighten reputations

                due to a powerful platform developed to soar.

           *   CELEBS® Team Leader’s emphasis is to inspire Stars incorporating the right tools—in the right environment to

                successfully establish and/or align credibility.

           *   CELEBS® provides Mentorship opportunities and Mastermind meetings affording Moving Stars® an outlet for

               ‘hands-on training’ during real-life interactions ideally designed to reduce fall-outs and broaden marketing


          *   CELEBS® captures and channels prospects to skilled Stars (e.g. Realtors®) using lead-generation pipelines and

              combined efforts that increases the potential of production with lower overhead.

          *   CELEBS®  Accounting Division systematically distributes earnings to Stars timely upon compliance which reduces

               time,  frustrations, and possible fines if/when an audit occurs.

       CELEBS Code Of Conduct